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Once a year the peaceful country idyll is broken by the roar of over three hundred motorbikes as The Druids Motor Cycle Club hold their annual summer rally on the old Gymkhana field just outside the village.

The Druids MCC have been around for about 40 years, are based in Grantham and have been holding their summer rally in Skillington since 1986 with only one interruption courtesy of the national Foot & Mouth breakout.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of a motorcycle rally it is essentially a gathering of like-minded people. Clubs, like the Druids, invite other motorcycle clubs to attend and for a pre-booked entrance fee the bikers come and camp for the weekend, enjoy silly games (such as rotten egg catching, jousting, dizzy sticks and toaster tossing), live rock music and one or two alcoholic beverages. There are also trophies for various things such as longest distance travelled and best bike.

The rally is called The Poser in distinction to the Druids winter rally. The Icy Ale is more of a traditional rally for die-hard bikers who are willing to brave treacherous roads, appalling weather and sub-zero camping conditions. These guys generally arrive in full waterproofs and thermals. In contrast the summer rally attracts some of the more “fair-weather” crew in the latest flashy racing leathers with shiny new bikes, hence the name The Poser. But whichever rally they attend, and in many cases it’s both, they all have one thing in common – their love of bikes.

The rally has grown considerably over the years. In the early days when there were approximately 100-150 visitors the evening activities used to take place in the old farm barns that once stood where Wagtail Barn and Ladies Mantle Cottage now stand. Now the barns have gone and the numbers have increased a large marquee is erected on the field to house the stage and bar.

Whilst some of the locals (particularly newcomers who are unaware of this annual event) may be a bit apprehensive at the thought of a biker invasion, the rally has proved to be one of the highlights of the village calendar with many of the villagers now actively involved in it. Additionally for the last couple of years the village has held its summer gala on the same weekend to take advantage of the increase in the population and give the rallyists some alternative entertainment. One of the bikers was delighted last year when his Alsatian won “Best in Show”. He will have to come back this year to see if he (or rather his dog) can retain the title!

Sadly the weather has not been particularly favourable for the last few years, but when the sun shines it is quite a spectacle to see the village green totally covered with happy bikers and locals alike, chatting away, making new friends or renewing old acquaintances, and it’s a diversity the village is rightly proud of.

Grantham Duids MCC can be contacted by their web site http://www.druidsmcc.com/index.htm

The Druids MCC Poser Rally at Skillington