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Healthwatch Lincolnshire  

An independent local organisation giving everyone a chance to “speak up” about their local health and social care services.

Healthwatch Lincolnshire is interested to know how good your health and care services are in Skillington and surrounding areas.  You may be registered with the local GP or dentist, perhaps you visit the local pharmacy on a regular basis, or do you receive care at home and would like to tell someone about the excellent service you are receiving?  Sometimes you may not be as happy with the services you receive and want to share your concerns, by doing so you are helping services to improve.  The information you tell us is treated as strictly confidential, we do not share any personal details.  

As an independent charity, Healthwatch Lincolnshire was set up to ensure residents and communities can share their views about any health or care service in Lincolnshire or services you access across our borders.

Our role is to report the key concerns and issues we hear from you to the people that manage and pay for health and care services.  When we do this, we ask for a response to how improvements and changes are being made and an acknowledgment to our report.  How many of you have said, “what is the point in saying anything, nothing ever changes ?”.  Well, through Healthwatch Lincolnshire you are able to help make changes in your health and care services and very importantly to share when services are really good.

If you would like to know more or would like to contact Healthwatch Lincolnshire please ask to speak to Julie Evans on 01205 820892, email

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You SPEAK, We LISTEN, WE ACT together change happens