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Skillington Neighbourhood Plan is an important planning document which shapes the future of our community over the next fifteen years. It is relevant to all parishioners and those who value our unique heritage and sense of community. By preparing a neighbourhood plan the Parish Council took the opportunity to influence the type, scale and design of any development which can take place within the Parish.

This plan was produced by the Steering Group, which reported to the Parish Council. The summary of information on who lives in Skillington, and their views on the character of the village, and any future development, is based on the survey carried out before its submission. The document was drafted with the invaluable advice of Bob Keith, a planning consultant, who has worked on a number of Neighbourhood Plans. It was ultimately approved by a referendum of Parishioners which was approved.

To look at a diary of the procedures taken by the Parish Council in the production of the plan, including the referendum result, please press the diary button below and the Back button on that page to return here.

It is kept by South Kesteven District Council and can be accessed online in pdf format using the Access Plan button below.

Skillington Neighbourhood Plan

Spring 2017

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