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Skillington Neighbourhood Plan is an important planning document which will shape the future of our community over the next fifteen years. It is relevant to all parishioners and those who value our unique heritage and sense of community. By preparing a neighbourhood plan the Parish Council is taking the opportunity to influence the type, scale and design of any development which can take place within the Parish.

This plan has been produced by the Steering Group, which reports to the Parish Council. The summary of information on who lives in Skillington and their views on the character of the village and any future development is based on the survey carried out last year. The document has been drafted with the invaluable advice of Bob Keith, our planning consultant, who has worked on a number of Neighbourhood Plans.


Before formally submitting this draft Plan to SKDC, we need to hear your views. Once these have been taken into account the revised draft will be submitted to SKDC for independent examination. Any further necessary changes will be made before the plan is submitted to a referendum of electors, probably in the spring of 2017.

Please use the Response Form to provide any comments whether of agreement or disagreement.

Skillington Neighbourhood Plan

A full copy of the Draft Plan can be downloaded to your device in a Portable Document Format (pdf format) by clicking on the button below. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your device in order to be able to read it. If your device doesn't already have it downloaded Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking or tapping on the Adobe icon at the foot of the page and following the instructions from then on. Download Adobe Reader before you download the Draft Plan if you haven't already got it on your device.

The Draft Plan document is over 60 pages and nearly 2mb. It may take a few seconds to download depending on your internet connection speed. Once you have downloaded the plan you will find that the index is on page 3. You can skip to a specific chapter by clicking or tapping on an index line or page number.

If you right click with your mouse anywhere within the document you can save it to your device by selecting “save as”. Bear in mind that this is a Draft Plan and may change before the proposed Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to SKDC. The download button below will be amended to reflect this as and when the proposed Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to SKDC.

A response form will be delivered to your address shortly. However, you can download and print off a form to complete if you wish using the second button below. You will also need to download Adobe Reader to see it.

How Can I access the Draft Plan?

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