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150th Anniversary of the First Ascent of the Matterhorn

July 2015 was the 150th Anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. It was on this expedition, headed by Mr Edward Whymper, that our then Vicar of Skillington, Charles Hudson died, along with others in a tragic accident on the descent. The British Team narrowly beat the Italians by only a few hours.


The Zermatt Times has published a special 150th Anniversary Edition commemorating the expedition. If you turn to pages 36/37 on the link below there is a short article about Charles Hudson. (in English on the left page), plus a couple of photos of our Church by yours truly.

It may take some time for the pages to load dependent on your internet speed. You can fast forward through the pages without waiting to download each one. Or use the index facility keys beneath to gain direct access. I have a paper copy of the magazine plus a few back issues should you wish to borrow any of them. [Ed]

Commemorative Edition