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Skillington Community Centre Booking Form

Registered Charity No. 521867

Booking Secretary: Tel: 07500 544449 or email

Note to Applicant: Please read the Terms and Conditions, which accompany this form.

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Purpose of Hire & estimated number of attendees e.g. Dance Class 10, Meeting 20, Party 100

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Hire Charge

Main Hall (including common areas - see below)

£15 per hour

Kitchen basic use i.e. Teas & Coffee Only (Inc. Common Areas see below)

£5 per hire

Kitchen for full Catering (Inc. Common Areas)

£25 per hire

Bar provided by Skillington Community Centre committee members, including all stock, staff (dependent on availability) & TENS.

£50 per hire

N.B. Bar availability - Please note that the hall is not licensed, and we are limited to 15 temporary licences per annum (TENS).  We regularly run our own events to maintain the upkeep of the facilities. Therefore, we are not able to automatically guarantee a bar service. Please telephone our booking secretary on 07500 544449 before submitting this form. Please note only a bar operated by the village hall is permitted on site, no external bars will be considered.







Full Payment for the booking is due 4 weeks in advance of the event, or at the time of booking if less than 4 weeks.

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Total hire charge (excl deposit)

Damage Deposit: £150 Damage deposit (cheque or cash) payable to Skillington Community Centre at time of booking the hall.

(please note that a higher damage deposit may be required depending on the event)

Date Deposit Paid

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Hire Payment: BACS Transfer Village Hall Bank Details

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Sort Code:  40-22-19

Account no: 60741191

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* I agree to be personally responsible for the fees and charges in respect of this letting, and I will observe the Terms and Conditions, which I have read. I also provide consent for my information to be stored in relation to this booking*

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Skillington Village Hall Booking Form

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