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These terms, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

Common Areas: the access, parking, toilets, but excludes the kitchen, bar, and changing rooms use unless booked

Hire Charge: the charges for the Hall booking

Hall: Skillington Village Hall, Grantham Road, Skillington, NG33 5HG as per the agreement above excluding any area marked or notified to you as private or out of bounds.

Application of terms:

These terms and conditions will apply to the hire of the facilities between Us and You.

Hire of Hall and Provision of Services:

In receipt of the payment from you to us of the hire Charges, we grant to you permission to use the Hall and the Common Areas for the Function during the Hire Period, subject to the terms and conditions of this Contract.

In agreeing to hire you the hall we do not accept any liability as to the Hall’s fitness for purpose in conducting your Function, you are responsible for ensuring that the hall meets your needs and a prior visit to the facilities can be arranged. We can also agree on access times to the hall for the purposes of set up, please liaise with the booking secretary.

Please note that we reserve the right to not accept your booking without reason.

In agreeing to hire the hall you take full liability for your own event, including those persons present and all activities that take place.

Your obligations:

You shall ensure that you will:

Our Obligations and Rights:

We reserve the right (without liability to you) to prevent access to or to remove from the Hall any person or persons acting in a way which in Our sole opinion may cause a breach of the peace or may be harmful, undesirable or offensive, or our licensing rules.

Where in our sole opinion any situation or action or Function occurring during the Hire Period is a breach of this Agreement or may constitute a danger to public safety including the safety of the persons present at the Function, we reserve the right to suspend or control the Function in such manner and to such extent as we may consider necessary.


A £150 damage deposit is required for all hall bookings, this must be paid at the time of booking, and payment is accepted as a cheque or cash and will be returned to you at the end of the hire providing that no damage has been made to the hall. You agree that any damage to the Hall and the fixtures and fittings therein will be paid for from the Damage Deposit. Any decision made by us on what constitutes damage shall be final. In addition, we shall deduct excessive cleaning costs incurred by us for example from soiled carpets or damaged wood floor. The Damage Deposit less any sums deducted in accordance with this clause shall be returned to you within the month following expiry of the Hire Period.  If the value of damage or excess cleaning exceeds the damage deposit you will be responsible for paying the extra.

If the booking is made within 4 weeks of the function, the full charge is due at the time of booking inc the deposit.  If booking is made before this time the balance is due 4 weeks before the event.

Catering Services:

If you intend to use any professional caterers for your Function they must be registered with a relevant Local Authority. You are responsible for ensuring that the Caterers remove all their equipment from the Hall and ensure that all the waste is removed from the Hall and disposed of off-site in accordance with all relevant environmental protection legislation.

Cleaning Services:

At the start of the Hire Period we will provide you with a clean Hall. During the Hire period you must use reasonable endeavours to keep the Hall and the Common areas relatively clean.

You will remove all rubbish, bottles, cans and cardboard boxes. There is a local recycling centre in Grantham. There will be a £0.50 charge for each bottle, can left for our disposal.

At the end of the Hire Period we will clean the Hall and the Common Areas. If cleaning is required in excess of what we consider to be normal for such a function, we will deduct such additional cleaning costs from your Damage Deposit.  


At least 14 days’ notice of termination of the hire must be provided by either party, at which point full monies will be returned.

Limitation of liability

We are only liable for the Hall being hired, any external organisations you bring onto site are at theirs and your full liability. Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

What is GDPR?

Basically, the GDPR (which comes into effect on 25 May 2018) was created to unify the personal data protection rules across the EU, and must be followed by all companies, businesses or other entities that collect personal data in some way. For these entities, the GDPR will introduce many additional rules that will affect many areas of the data management process, such as the collection and storage of data processing documentation, monitoring of potential personal data breaches, and involving a supervisory authority in matters such as, for example, the aforementioned data breaches.

The GDPR's main purpose is to enhance the protections that EU citizens have when their data is used and collected and afford them new rights such as the right to transfer their personal data, or to be forgotten; that is, to have their personal data removed from a system when the law no longer requires its retention.  With all of these new regulations comes enforcement, and in order for companies to protect themselves potential multi-million euro fines, it is important that they ensure that they protect any collected personal data as effectively as they can.

The right to be forgotten

An individual may, on request, demand that any and all information regarding them, stored on, calendar or booking system be removed.  Data may not be deactivated or hidden and must be deleted entirely

The data we have to obtain for people hiring the Village Hall  

The personal data required is the contact information necessary to complete the booking (name, address, telephone and email address);  

When anyone books the Hall, this information has to be provided by the Hirer (or someone acting on their behalf) in order to complete the booking. Therefore, processing of the personal data is necessary for the performance of the Contract to Hire Skillington Village Hall.

We consider the lawful grounds for processing this data under the Data Protection Regulations to be that Skillington Village Hall is entering a Contract with the individual (in this case the Hirer).   

Other notes placed on the Booking may include price confirmation or specific instructions.

When a booking request is submitted from this web site, emails will be sent to the applicant reflecting the data they submitted on the booking request form and to the nominated Booking Secretary committee member responsible for bookings. If the booking request is accepted the entry will be made firm in the Booking Calendar and confirmed by email to the hirer. Information entered as a necessary part of the booking, timing information (both the time being booked and the date and time the booking is made) name, address, and any other personal identifiable information is not visible publicly in the calendar. Potential and existing hirers of the hall accessing the calendar will only see times and dates marked as “Booked” or “Reserved” and no identifiable information of existing hirers. Access to the calendar showing identifiable data is restricted to nominated committee members.  


Access to the calendar is restricted to Authorised Members of the Hall Committee who are permitted to view, or amend a booking, full access and management of any bookings is the responsibility of the Booking Secretary.


Data is retained for 24 months from the date of the actual hiring (not the date the booking was made). Once 24 months has been reached, the data is discarded.


Although we cannot erase the detail of the actual booking prior to the 24 month expiration, we can render as anonymous the booking detail if requested to do so.    

Skillington Village Hall

Skillington Village Hall, Grantham Road, Skillington,

Lincolnshire NG33 5HG

(Registered charity No. 521867)

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Skillington Village Hall - Terms and Conditions for Hire by private parties.